To the kid with the loudest shriek, the happiest laugh, the most irate temper, the cutest smile, the most gorgeous white hair, the most devilish attitude and the best hugs (if you can actually get one from him) TODAY IS FINALLY YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Essentially every day for the past month he has asked “Is today my birthday?” “Is today my birthday?” “If I was in New York with Unka Brian, would today be my birthday?”

Dakota William Karl, I can hardly believe you’re already 5 years old. I love you so so much and I can’t wait to see you next month.

Now, for just one day, can you please not break something? Breaking Aunt @crystalseago’s car window Monday should have been enough to last you at least a week. 😮

I love you, buddy. I hope your day is perfect.

New York, Sing To Me |

And now begins the evening portion of my birthday celebration.

So incredibly stoked for @joshuascottcarter and his long anticipated first album release.

#haylage (at The Palace Theatre)

Just in case you’ve forgotten how perfect my mother is…|

For my birthday, she overnighted me homemade cookies, pecan sandies and the most incredible of all, a fresh apple cake. I had not even mentioned to her the possibility of wanting one. I’m telling you…she’s perfect.

I love her so much and can hardly wait to see her next month.

Have a great day! I hope you all enjoy my birthday! I’m going to eat cake!

@carla_scafidel & @nonnaoffive, I wish you guys were here to have a piece!!!

In one of my first therapy sessions, I remember saying “No one ever taught me how to lose my dad.” The crazy part is that two years later, I don’t feel that I’m any closer to learning.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to share my experience with so many people as they have gone through the same type of loss and while I know I didn’t take away any of their pain, I hope I’ve at least been able to help them realize that no matter how much it hurts, they can pick up the pieces and still choose life.

Dad, you taught me to love with complete abandon, to hug a little longer than last time and that I was never too old to hold your hand. In our very last conversation, you reminded me just how proud you were of me and now I see those words on my arm every day as a constant reminder.

Thanks for loving me.

Two years.

I’ll love you always.

One of my most favorite things in life is to watch my friends succeed and become more incredible at things they love. This is happening daily with my best friend, @arielalisia! When I was in MS in January, she and I paired up to shoot a couple of looks for her newest endeavor, @aw_lookbook. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the other looks I’ve posted, but I’ve been saving this one, just waiting for the right time to post it. Today feels like that day. She was in charge of hair, makeup, styling AND modeling for all of these images which proves even more just how perfect she is. Give her some love and check out @aw_lookbook. Give her a follow. You won’t be disappointed.

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At 3:35 this morning, “Untle Binan” became “Great Untle Binan” thanks to the beautiful human you see before you. |

Paxton Alexander Pittman | March 12, 2014 | 3:35am | 6 lb. 11 oz. | 21 in. long |

I can hardly stand the fact that I have to wait until May to hold this sweet child. |

Uncle Brian loves you, @alex_pittman. Be the absolute best father you can be to this little guy. Never let him question your love for him. I believe in you. |

To all of my friends who keep asking (and the rest of you who are unaware): if you see this alert on your iPhone or iPad, you can actually purchase extra iCloud space for a very low yearly rate in order to make sure your device is being backed up in case something unfortunate happens to it. |||

1. Go to Settings. |||
2. Go to iCloud. |||
3. Make sure all of the items you want backed up are set to “green” or “on”. |||
4. Go to Storage and Backup. |||
5. Go to Manage Storage and it will tell you how much extra space you need to purchase in order to back up your device. |||
5. Go to Buy More Storage. |||
6. Select the plan that works best for you. |||

Stop losing your stuff due to failed backups! 👍 |||

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Shine A Light On Slavery Day. #enditmovement


Baldwinsville, New York

© Brian Brister 2014

Hair and Makeup By: @jillainhair_mua

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Syracuse, New York

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Hair and Makeup By: @jamison55

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