I’ve added a new album to Facebook celebrating my nephews’ graduation from high school. |

The great part about having a photographer in your family is that all events are well documented. |

The not so great part about having a photographer in your family is that sometimes you have to wait weeks or months to see the photos taken because that family member spends so much time editing other people’s photos that they hardly have time to edit yours. |

I love my family so much and I’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunities that I have to spend time with them.

I needed to be creative today, so I joined the #flowerbeard revolution. |

I love you, @ashley_jourdan. |

#flower #flowers #wildflowers #beard #flowerbeards #lsu #geauxtigers

I just want to walk around with a portable speaker playing patriotic music all day. |

#favoriteholiday #america #independenceday #yesimwearingtheseatwork (at Apple Store, Syracuse)

Three years ago today I arrived in New York and moved into my first apartment here. |

The fact that I’ve officially lived here for three years is absolutely mindblowing to me. |

My entire New York experience thus far can be summed up in one sentence: I’ve lived, loved, lost and learned. |

A huge thank you goes out to every person that has been a part of #BriansNewYork

An afternoon photo shoot with @rey_broderick was a great addition to my Saturday. |

We also both seem to have a thing for blue button downs. |

Keep an eye out for the final images to be posted on @brianbristerphotographer soon.

Make time for what drives you. |

After a full day of training for a new position with Apple, I took some time to do one last fashion shoot with my friend @judahkeim before he moves to NYC next week to step into his new role as manager of @harrys corner shop in SoHo. |

Following the shoot, we were able to spend a couple of hours together just talking about our walk with God and our past, present and future plans. I’m so stoked for this guy and so thankful for his friendship. |

Tonight was good.

Baja Citrus Baked Chicken |

Lemon, Lime, Orange, Chili Peppers, Cilantro, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil & Vinegar marinated overnight then baked with red bell peppers, onions, carrots and corn this morning. |

Preparation is key. |



(not my photo)

I typically tend to stay away from this conversation as a male because I fear of coming across as a male chauvinist pig, but after reading this, I felt the need to share.

Road tripping it back to New York with @ginndjuice45. |

We’ve eaten Chik Fil A, counted dead armadillos, changed our Facebook passwords and stalked our friends’ locations on Find Friends. |

Only 15 hours to go! |

#roadtrip #applefriends #fruitstand107 #r107 #todayismyappleversary #BriansMississippi

Today’s #TBT brought to you by a super shaky home video of MawMaw Dement’s 66th Birthday party. |

#homevideo #toomuchlaughter #iwishyoucouldseethewholething #BriansMississippi